Why exhibit?


CAFEEX is far more globalized than other similar events; in addition to in-depth exploration of local resources, it also maintains long-term and in-depth cooperation with many premium coffee brands from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, South Korea, European countries and the United States. At the same time, many new oversea brands will be introduced every year to maintain the unique attraction of the event to both exhibitors and visitors.

High Exposure

CAFEEX has a long-term cooperative relationship with 200 + domestic and international online and offline media, 2000+ collaborated coffee shops and 10000+ advertising spots in subway signage, outdoor billboard, service robots in shopping mall. CAFEEX maintains an extremely high exposure in Weibo, Wechat, Facebook, Instagram, Xiaohongshu, many domestic and oversea magazines and other platforms. And we achieve large-scale publicity benefits by relying on the city subway advertising resources, and being accessible on all platforms.

We also coopetated with several exhibitions in the same industry all over the world and help to promote mutually.  

New Trend

Integrate cross-border cooperation deeply into the coffee theme; explore the external potential of the coffee industry, co-work with the trendy themes, and expand the influence of the industry.

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Organized by
Chinno Exhibitions
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  • Jade Hong  
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  • Wuhan 2024.5.31 ~ 6.2
  • Shenzhen 2024.8.16 ~ 18
  • Shanghai 2024.12.20 ~ 22
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